A Letter to my Future Self

thinking into the future

To my 10-year-old self, I want you to know that technology has advanced to the point where it has created very strategic ways for social media to lure us into making us dependent on it. I want to warn you that social media may be a fun way to share your interests and interact with others, but many downsides may come along with it. So this is what I want to explain to you.

There are several impacts on how social media has created positivity in our world. Some examples can be that nowadays we can keep in touch with our family from all around the world, social media helps spread awareness, it educates us. It keeps us caught up on new laws or controversial political enforcements, and it allows teenagers with their self-esteem by communities supporting each other. As you know, before social media, communication with your loved ones from abroad was done by telephone, so now we can straightaway communicate with anyone from pretty much anywhere. Technology has helped many people; one, for example, is; our militaries, who now can have emotional support by having the ability to see their families through a smartphone. Social media focuses on embedding dependency on keeping up to date with any news, and it’s never been as clear as now. I can tell you that moving to Canada from Italy will be difficult and challenging, so having technology where it provides the ability to see your dear ones through a small screen will be needed to keep a strong bond and not lose it over time. Family and friends are essential, and that’s why technology will help you get through it by allowing you to get support from them at any time needed. Also, learn to appreciate everyone around you because you never know what could happen, and regret is the worst thing you could ever have. Your grandparents, mainly because they love you and take the time of your day to speak to them, don’t make that mistake.

Photo by Mati Flo on Unsplash

Now, I have to warn you to be careful with social media because although it is very beneficial for the society in many ways, it also can negatively impact us. Many issues people face currently on social media are; cyber-bullying, spreading false information, and terrorists who use it to recruit, plan, and execute terror activities. A study says that 59% of U.S teens have experienced some level of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a primary concern that should take national action to prevent and helping those who may need support for dealing with cyberbullying. Therefore teachers, companies, or politics should address this issue more, but I think they’ve failed at it so far. As you grow up, people will hate and judge you and make you feel inferior to them. You must not listen, though because, these people are only insecure about themselves and want to bring everyone else down due to their jealousy of seeing happiness in others. You will encounter people like this in real life and on social media, but keeping your head high and knowing your worth will keep you going. Don’t believe others; believe in yourself. False information can now spread way quicker than ever, with people reposting or sharing their thoughts. Concluding with the terrorist groups who use the great features that revolutionized the world for ways to help them cause harm. These groups have now learned how to use social media to their best benefit, like using video calls to recruit members. For example, when in 2014, said that ISIS had Instagram accounts that shared propaganda.

Photo by Dee @ Copper and Wild on Unsplash

So now you should be more aware of what is coming for you as a possible challenge. Social media is currently at a stage where it is yet to be fully defined and worked at its best optimal function to increase its positives and decrease the negatives by creating more restrictions. Social media, even beyond both of our visions, will be impossible to fully predict how much bigger it’s going to get and in how many more ways it will affect us. But that’s for us to find out.


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